Wooly Mammoth

Robin Webb

17 November - 2nd December 2023

Wooly Mammoth sneak peek

On attempting to enter the exhibition, the doorway is fully obscured by a full height fabric banner, notionally representing a Japanese noren welcome curtain, both logically and illogically spelling out the Italian word for PAINTER in large fluorescent letters. An array of eight colourful paintings on fabric adorn the walls, with two more suspended in limbo, and a further three on the floor of an entirely bright white space. The visual experience is somewhere between fashion boutique, science fiction film set, and a knock-off Sunday market. The vertically displayed works are paintings in acrylic onto handmade, oversized approximations of fake Gucci jumpers, made from cut up, high street bath towels and hot glue. The content of which ranges from cartoon, classical and mythical figures in various states of dress; dog and tiger faces; antique ceramics; and well known volcanic landmarks. A few of these designs are lifted straight from existing fashion items, while most very much are not. The works displayed on the floor are similarly friendly, consisting of rag rugs depicting more simple, large scale images created from painted, collaged fabric, their existence making it even harder to navigate the space but to some degree domesticating the scene.



Noren entrance curtain: Untitled, 2023 (fabric, acrylic paint)

All vertically displayed works: Untitled, 2023 (bath towels, fabric, hot glue, acrylic paint)

All horizontally displayed works: Untitled, 2023 (Rag rugs, fabric hot glue, acrylic paint)